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Board of Governors

The ultimate betrayal?


 The Board of Governors played a pivotal role in the closure of the school and questions are now being asked of the actions it took in the weeks prior to the announcement, and since then.

The financial mismanagement of the closure has led to reports being submitted to Companies House and OSCR.

The following questions need to be answered;

·         Why was there no business plan at the school despite its perilous financial position?

·         Why did the Board fail to provide additional management support to the school following the suicide in February 2017?

·         Why did the Board’s 2018 fundraising initiative fail so miserably?

·         Why did the Board fail to provide the Head of School with a contract?

·         Why was there no written protocol for the period when Witherslack had management responsibility for the school?

·         Why did the Chairmen of Governors tell parents that there had been a child protection allegation when there had been none?

·         Why did the Chairman of Governors fail to tell parents that the school had been cleared of any wrongdoing?

·         Why did the Chairman of Governors state that, “these things cannot be swept under the carpet”, when there had been no attempt by school managers to conceal information?

·         Why did the Chairman of Governors state that there had been a, “failure to report”, when there was nothing to report?

·         Why did the Chairman of Governors state that, “the school has shot itself in the foot again”, when it had not done so on this or on a previous occasion?

·         Why did the Board fail to challenge the Improvement Notice when it was illogical, unjustifiable, and issued immediately after the school had been cleared of wrongdoing?

·         Why did they fail to allow the suspended members of staff to return to work as advised by Police Scotland and take the advice of the WG Acting Head who advised they only return once all of the students have left school?

·         Why did they not take any action after the May 2018 joint inspection when the school was advised that it must adhere to the guidelines contained within the ‘external management‘ document highlighted by the inspectors?

·         Why did they only allow the Head of Care into the critical Board Meeting of 16th November after the decision had already been made to close then not inform her of that decision?

·         Why did they not allow Head of School to attend a meet in June 2018 at the request of PKC officers?

·         Why did they block the previous Head of School when he wrote a letter to them advising that he wanted to raise a complaint against PKC with regard to their conduct towards the school during the period of February 2017 until March 2018?

·         Why did the Board suspend the Head of School at the insistence of the Care Inspectorate when it was clear that he had done nothing wrong?

·         Why did the Board close the school in 5 days and incur additional costs of over £120,000 by doing so?

·         Why did the Board accept the discredited Witherslack report at face value and claim that they were unable to challenge it?

·         Why did they conceal the Witherslack report from the Head of Care until 18th November?

·         Why was the Witherslack report shared with PKC when it was clearly stipulated that it should not be distributed?

·         Why did the Board fail to protect the welfare of staff and pupils by allowing PKC and the inspectorates to run the school in the final week?

·         Was the Board, “utterly out of its depth”, “corrupt”, or blackmailed into closing the school?

·         Why did the Board fail to issue any statement of support for school staff innocent of any wrongdoing?