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Essential Information

Documentation & Forthcoming FOIs


 1.      Chronology of significant events (January to December 2018)

2.       Iain Guthrie

3.       Pupil X

4.       Who’s who of significant individuals in closure of the school

5.       Board meeting minutes of 16th November

6.       Board meeting minutes of 19th November

7.       Notes of Governors’ meeting with staff on 6th December

8.       Child Protection Investigation report (Perth Police) of 2nd November

9.       Care Inspectorate (CI) Improvement Notice issued on 9th November

10.   Head of School report on Child Protection investigation

11.   Head of School critique of Improvement Notice (December 2018)

12.   Notes of conversations between Head of School and Chairman of Governors regarding reasons for suspension and withdrawal of Witherslack Group (WG)

13.   Staff account of final week of school

14.   50 critical questions

15.   Press links relating to school closure

16.   Head of School account of school from January to December 2018

17.   Letter from Registrar of Independent Schools (ROIS) to Board (January 2018)

18.   Summary of Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) letter to ROIS (January 2018)

19.   Summary of response of school to P&K letter

20.   Updated information on cases raised in P&K letter to ROIS

21.   Complaint letter drafted by Head of school regarding behaviour of Susie Turner in multi-agency meeting

22.   Complaint raised by Head of School regarding behaviour of reviewing officers

23.   Requests made by Head of Care to Ashley Blundell to conclude alleged CP issue

24.   Letter to Jacquie Pepper by Head of School relating to alleged CP issue

25.   Response of Jacquie Pepper to Head of School letter

26.   Copy of email sent with draft Child Protection Policy to Care Inspectorate (March 2018)

27.   Request for guidance to CI sent by school regarding CP issues and learning disabilities

28.   Letter from ROIS to Board (March 2018)

29.   Letter from ROIS to Board (November 2018)

30.   Care Inspection report following May 2018 inspection

31.   Response of Head of School and Head of Care to draft findings of CI

32.   Education Scotland report following 2018 inspection

33.   Notes of conversation between Head of School and Gayle Gorman’s PA (Education Scotland) following concerns about inspection

34.   Staff comments on inspection (May 2018)

35.   Report on child welfare incidents presented to parents by Head of School (December 2018)

36.   Copies of letters issued to parents by John Swinney MSP (Education Minister)

37.   Copies of letters to parents sent by PKC

38.   Head of School statement (18th December, 2018)

39.   Management Review conducted in November 2018

40.   Parent comments about care in school (November 2018 to present)

41.   Requests sent to MSPs for independent inquiry

42.   Former Head of School account of relationship with P&K (January 2019)

43.   Head of School report regarding relationship with P&K sent to Chairman of the Board of Governors in August 2018

44.   Head of School report on the involvement of the Witherslack Group (WG) (May to November 2018)

45.   Howard Tennant (WG) Safeguarding Report on TNS (November 2018)

46.   School management response to WG safeguarding report (December 2018)

47. 50 Key questions

48. Email message to Gayle Gorman regarding conduct of Monica McGeever

49. Letter from Head of School to Chairman of Governors (18.11.2018)

50. Email from Head of School to Chairman of Governors seeking clarification on school closure (08.01.2019)

51. Summary of incidents in school (Jan-Nov, 2018)

52. Letter from Head of School to Alison Jamieson (Care Inspectorate) 11.01.2019

53. Leter from Head of School to Registrar of Independent Schools (12.01.2019)

54. Head of School statement (1) 17.01.2019

55. Head of School statement (2), 17.01.2019