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Key Players

Who’s Who


 John Swinney MSP

Registrar of Independent Schools

Board of Governors

Sir Andrew Cubie (Chair of TNS Board of Governors)

Karen Reid (Chief Executive of PKC, former Head of Care Inspectorate)

Bernadette Malone (Former CE of PKC, now Board member of the Care Inspectorate)

Sheena Devlin (Executive Director of Education, PKC)

Jacquie Pepper (Head of Children’s Services, PKC)

Rodger Hill (Head of Secondary Education & Inclusion)

Dorothy Henderson (Quality Improvement Officer ASN, PKC)

Susie Turner (Quality Improvement Manager ASN, PKC)

Sandra Wright (Care inspector for TNS)

Alison Jamieson (Care Inspectorate)

Charlotte Wilson (Service Manager, Care Inspectorate)

Stephen McPherson (Education Scotland link inspector for TNS)

Monica McGeever (Education Scotland, former link inspector for TNS)

Bill Colley (Head of School 2002-2004, Head of School April 2018-closure)

Chris Holmes (former Head of school - to March 2018)

Angie Gordon (Head of Care)