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P&K Parents Seek More Information

Parents of the 13 pupils who lost their places at TNS are wanting more information about the proposed new provision at Forteviot Primary School. In particular, they want to know;

  1. How long will the provision be available if the premises are only available until July 2019

  2. What is the long term plan for my child?

  3. Who will take responsibility for leading the provision?

  4. Who will be delivering lessons?

  5. What skills, training and experience have staff had?

  6. What will the curriculum look like?

  7. What will be the learning outcomes?

  8. How will lessons be taught if there are only 2 classrooms?

  9. How safe is the environment?

  10. How will science, PE, drama, music, outdoor learning be delivered?

  11. How many pupils will be attending?

  12. How will pupil behaviour, welfare and mental health be supported?

Bill Colley