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Parent comments from petition

TNS saved my life. Please help save it.

As an ex pupil I know first hand how much of a difference this school has made in my life. I would have been lost in my local high school

My Grandson was failed by all his previous schools and then he went to The New School Butterstone and he has started to thrive for the first time in his life. If this provision is taken away from him the consequences could be devastating. Please help to save this school so it can carry on its good work.

They are an amazing school and we know 4 members of staff who do a fantastic job. Would be criminal to loose such a service.


This school is literally a lifesaver, and was the only place my son felt at ease in a school. Bill Colley has a wealth of experience in his field which is often very hard to find.

We need more facilities like this in Scotland.

where else can these kids get the help they so desperately need ???

I strongly believe this is an out and out disgrace. The government shld b keeping much
needed specialist schools like this open.

As a local Councillor I was in contact with pupils, parents and staff at the New School on a number of occasions and was always hugely impressed by how special a place it is for the real difference it makes to some of our most vulnerable children. Scotland needs this school and more like it.

My son could have gone here, but Perth and Kinross council wouldn't fund him. Please let this school stay open to help children with autism who wouldn't otherwise be in school.....

Our son attended this school, where he felt genuinely valued and included. It is hard to put into words what The New School has meant to us as a family, but we must fight for its survival or face losing this unique, nurturing educational environment.

Bill Colley