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Parent Statement

In the absence of any real safety concerns being established during investigations by the Police, Care Inspectorate, and an Independent Internal Investigation at the school, the Parent Group states it’s unequivocal support for all staff from The New School Butterstone.

The high level of trauma to pupils during and since the closure is acknowledged – many are showing signs of regression due to loss of support and social isolation experienced since the abrupt closure. Within Perth and Kinross the majority of pupils have only been offered a temporary provision accessed via enrolling in the mainstream. Due to the high levels of care and support the pupils require, it would be detrimental to their wellbeing to place them in a temporary provision without a clear and permanent educational plan in place. It must now be acknowledged that The New School Butterstone was the only suitable and most cost effective provider of an education service for these pupils whom the local authorities have admitted (by virtue of their placement at NSB) could not be educated within mainstream.

With this in mind we would request a meeting as a matter of urgency to discuss a way forward and talk through the options to assist and support the reopening of the school so that any prospective provider can develop a fully functioning, financially viable, educational service. This will act to save what has been proven to be an essential part of the Scottish Educational landscape now and for future generations, dramatically changing the outlook for all pupils and families. All the principles of GIRFEC would be seen to be embodied therein.

We would thank Perth and Kinross Council also for the reassurance given to the majority of parents that the council will support a future placing request to a newly registered school at the site of The New School Butterstone, and point out that this in conjunction with our above proposal will minimise potentially damaging interim transitions and greatly improve the potential successful educational outcomes for the pupils.

Lastly this will minimise both the short-term cost to local authorities in attempting to duplicate an already successful appropriate educational facility and the potential long-term cost to the Scottish Government in supporting these pupils into adulthood.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly with a date for these further discussions.


Susan Briggs
Joint Chair Butterstone Parent Group
Lee Archibald
Joint Chair Butterstone Parent Group

Bill Colley