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Anger mounts as documents reveal clearer picture of closure

Parents are currently analysing the documents made available through a Freedom of Information request. The most important ones will be posted on this site to allow anyone with an interest in the closure to form their own opinion.

Senior managers at the school were complaining for some time (since September 2017) about the unprofessional behaviour of PKC reviewing officers and their lack of understanding of pupil needs.

All staff were appalled at the cruel and insensitive way the school was managed during its final week and the distress caused to pupils and their families (see staff account).

The following email message from Sheena Devlin to her team should be read in the context of the current situation in which at least 18 out of 24 pupils have been receiving no education, and when the Children’s Commissioner is investigating how PKC managed the closure and subsequent support to pupils;

“Folks The Leader of the Council and the 3 Conveners of LLC have all asked me to pass on to you, and of course to your teams, their sincere thanks for your response to the situation which developed last week in relation to Butterstone. They recognise that everyone was working in challenging and sensitive circumstances that required the most careful of handling and they are very grateful for your individual and collective commitment, skill and tenacity. Please pass this message on to everyone who contributed to the tremendous team effort that kicked off last week; and that will endure in the coming weeks and months. Best wishes Sheena”

Bill Colley