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Education Scotland inspectors told staff that 2 pupils in the school were, "at risk of suicide" when this was untrue.

Further revalations from the documentary interviews show that school staff were informed by ES inspectors that 2 pupils were suicide risks when this was untrue.

In his interview, Head of School - Bill Colley, states that he had to intervene and correct inspectors. He contacted the parents who concerned who were horrified that their children had been identified in this way and discussed with staff without any professional opinion being sought. He states that, “I contacted veryone concerned and determined that both pupils were under the direct care of CAMHS who had not identified a suicide risk”

“It staggers me that an education inspector with no training in mental health can make this assessment and then judge staff on their response to something that was clearly untrue. It is clear that there has been an appalling fall in standards at Education Scotland if this can be allowed to happen. We recived no explanation or apology.”

Bill Colley