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"Pupil encouraged to lie and say that he had been hit by a staff member"

Evidence has emerged during interviews with parents that a member of the school was encouraged to lie and say that he had been hit by a member of staff. This occurred during an independent investigation which concluded that no child had been harmed, that the incidents raised by a disgruntled member of staff had not occurred, and that pupils felt happy and safe in school.

The claim was made by the pupil at a meeting between former parents of the school and Education Minister, John Swinney, at which a petition with 8,00 signatures was handed over by children who had attended the school until its closure in November 2018. It is not known if Mr Swinney has taken action as a result of this revelation.

This now raises important questions about the motives of the Care Inspectorate and others during the final weeks of the school, and the real reasons behind the final closure.

It is imperative that a full inquiry takes place to determine whether or not the regulatory authorities behaved professionally, and to explore the increasingly-held view that the school was closed as part of a political plan devised and guided by external agencies.

Bill Colley