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Parents promised places at re-established school

Parents received a guarantee today that if a new provider steps in, PKC will guarantee places so that their children can return to what was The New School.

PKC have agreed to put this in writing.

On the question of an independent investigation into the circumstances that led to closure, Mr Swinney refused to commit, but did state that he would consider it once placements had been arranged for all pupils.

The key question now is whether the new provider will be allowed to register a new service. Their proposal has to be agreed by the Registrar of Independent Schools and Education Scotland, a process that Witherslack were told would take a matter of days.

Residential provision will take longer with the Care Inspectorate requiring, “up to 6 months” despite the fact that there are pupils sitting at home without an education and suffering significant declines in mental health.

PKC argued in the meeting that the Board did not need to close the school, which is a direct contradiction of what the Board told parents and members of staff. Someone is being ‘economical with the truth’.

For now, there is a glimmer of hope - but still scope for the new service to be blocked if the regulators decided that they do not want the school to re-open.

Bill Colley