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Local councillors beginning to ask questions

Discussions with local councillors suggest that they are becoming increasingly suspicious of the information fed to them by education officers.

In particular, they are asking what precisely has been meant by, “seious child protection concerns”, when they are now aware that the police have stated there were none.

Ordinarily, councillors are not permitted to interfere in operational matters but in this case there is a very serious risk of major reputational damage to the authority and the matter goes beyond the operational to a strategic level.

In addition, there are 13 families with no educational placements for their children/young people.

Indications are that Forteviot will be rejected by most, if not all.

It is important to appreciate that elected members (councillors) and officers are two distinct groups within the council. Our best friends may yet be those we elected to serve us and not those paid handsomely to fail our children.

Bill Colley