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BBC to interview pupils and parents

The BBC will be sending reporters to interview PKC parents who have yet to find an alternative provision for their children.

As things stand, no parent has been satisfied that de-mothballing Forteviot Primary School will meet the needs of the pupils.

Questions remain about;

  1. What the curriculum would look like

  2. The number of staff involved

  3. The qualifications and experience of staff

  4. The peer group

  5. How the peer group will be divided

  6. Who will lead the provision (and their experience of such work)

  7. What the long term plan is (given that Forteviot will only be available until July 2019)

  8. How the build environment will be made suitable to meet pupil needs

Parental resistance to the PKC offer is sensible and legitimate.

What parents want is for TNS to be re-stablished.

Article in the Dundee Courier today.

Bill Colley