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What did the staff think about the school?

We know that the closure of the school has had a big impact on staff (and some of us speak from experience)..

There have been some powerful statements on this website and on social media about the bereavement many feel at losing the school community.

They also lost jobs, experienced trauma, and felt betrayed by the Board of Governors.

Interestingly, none have every referenced their own suffering but have instead expressed deep anguish about the plight of children and families, and the cruelty inflicted on them by those who clearly wanted to maximise the harm that their own actions caused.

In one of his later interviews, the Head of School recalls how civilised colleagues were in accepting their redundancy terms and the bitter-sweet poignancy of the final week in December and an emotional staff party.

The warmth of the latter days contrasted sharply with the inhumanity they experienced when the regulators and PKC took charge of the school in November.

Prior to the announcment of closure, senior staff undertook a survey to determine how well things were going at the school and what could have been improved.

The results can be found here.

Bill Colley