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Crossing the line

Closing a special school because the council budget is struggling in these austere times is one thing.

Fabricating reasons for doing so is another.

It crosses the line between expediency and indecency.

Smearing good professionals with false accusations takes us into another territory, and especially so when it comes from people in positions of authority. That is what happens in developing countries and those in which there is no rule of law.

That is also abuse. Abuse of human rights. Abuse of power. Corruption.

There is no other word for it.

For high ranking officers in Perth & KInross Council to prostitute themselves in such a way speaks volumes of that organisation’s culture.

A young person died. It was a personal tragedy.

But to scrabble around in the gutter to deflect blame from your own failings and to pin that on others is what one might expect of Mugabe, Putin, and Trump.

It is a truism to state yet again that compulsive liars have one fatal flaw. They do not understand how visible their deceptions might be to others.

PKC should take note. When the ‘fall’ occurs, it will be violent and not graceful.

Bill Colley