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What would you do?

What would you do if you were Sir Andrew Cubie?

A school community with 24 vulnerable pupils and 51 members of staff has just been closed because of false accusations by the regulators and Perth & Kinross Council.

Professionals with impeccable records have been accused of wrongdoing and their lives destroyed.

You failed to challenge illegal action by the Care Inspectorate.

You failed to ask for evidence but simply accepted what those who wanted harm done to the school had to say even though it were untrue.

You were conned into closing a school in 5 days and thus doing immense harm to 24 families.

You betrayed Baroness Linklater’s vision for a safe environment for fragile children and destroyed a 26 year-old legacy.

What would you do?

Deny everything and bury your head in the sand?

Have the strength of character to state openly that you got it all wrong?

Could you display the leadership skills shown by school staff as they recovered from the February 2017 tragedy? Could you face up to your adversaries?

Or do you just run away and leave broken lives behind?

“We were under intolerable pressure from the regulators”

“We were under the apprehension that it we had not closed the school the Care Inspectorate would have”

For all that he has said and done in the past, Sir Andrew’s legacy will for ever be his failure to protect a very special educational environment and the harm that this caused to staff and pupils.

Bill Colley