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A year ago this week I had the privilege of accompanying a group of TNS students on a 12 mile DoE hike through beautiful Glen Almond. At the end of the hike I remember feeling very tired but extremely happy having just spent the day with some amazing young people who had never pushed themselves to such extents before but "they did it". They too were tired but happy.

Who would have thought that in just a few weeks time our world would be literally "torn apart"?

As we approach a year since the traumatic events of November 2018 we appear to be no closer to the truth of what brought about the closure of our beautiful school with those responsible being held accountable for their atrocious decisions.

I have just written to John Swinney politely reminding him of his stewardship and responsibilities and that this matter will not rest until the truth has been revealed. I would respectfully invite others to do likewise and keep the pressure on to push for a public inquiry.

A copy of my email to Mr. Swinney is as follows:



5 Oct at 11:00

Dear Mr Swinney

I respectfully write to you as a former staff member and as a now former member of the SNP.

As we approach one year since the closure of The New School, Butterstone which lies within your constituency, we appear to be stuck in a bit of an impasse as to a definitive decision as to whether a much needed public inquiry into the school closure will take place. This matter continues to be a source of great concern, bewilderment, stress and anxiety to the many who endured the traumatic events of November 2018. Several FOI communications have come to light which would indicate that there was a vendetta, evidence of cronyism amongst those of high office and standing within the Care Inspectorate and Perth and Kinross Council, and a very clear agenda to close the school based on made up, non evidenced concerns and practices of which have been proven to have never existed or been of issue.

The school's Board of Governors were indeed very weak and crumbled under the pressure being applied by the aforementioned regulators but they alone cannot be held responsible for the school closure especially as there are many who are "hiding behind" their decision.

From a personal point of view, I am very disappointed that you remain somewhat reluctant to initiate a public inquiry. As DFM, Secretary for Education and TNS constituent MSP you owe it to everyone, students, staff and parents, who were wrongly displaced by these atrocious decisions and actions to reveal the truth. This is a matter that will not go away, no matter how long the decision is delayed. In fact, if you were to announce that a public inquiry were to take place then your credibility amongst the New School Community (for this "community" will never die") might, just might begin to soar. You Mr. Swinney might emerge from this sorry tale as a "people's champion". Imagine what that would do for your reputation and that of the party you represent. You owe it to the people of Butterstone and to the people of Scotland.

I look forward to your response and hopefully to a favourable outcome

Kind regards

Bill Colley