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That care team

The former Head has been speaking to us about the enforcement action taken by the Care Inspectorate following our analysis of legal opinion that states that the improvement notice was “probably illegal” and should never have been issued.

We asked him about the quality of care given his experience at promoted levels in both mainstream and specialist settings.

One comment that he made stands out from that interview.

“I would have entrusted the care of all my own children to the TNS care team without reservation, and that is the first time in my 38 years of working in education that I could say that. I was a Housemaster at an independent school for some time and the level of care there was very good, but what you got at TNS was over and beyond anything I have ever seen before.”

For care staff still hurt by the false accusations and innuendo that flew around in November 2018, this should come as some comfort.

We know from contact with them that many still feel embittered and that some are traumatised by their experience of the sudden closure and the cruelty of that final week, but the truth will emerge at some point and testimonies such as this will serve to correct what was reported at that time by the Care Inspectorate, Perth and Kinross Council and others.

Care is not a process or a system. It is a community of connected individuals with a shared vision of what young people need.

That is why TNS worked.

Bill Colley