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The Scottish Council of Independent Schools


TNS was a member of SCIS.

SCIS represents the majority of independent schools in Scotland and is supposed to lobby for the interests of the independent sector, whether mainstream of special.

It perplexes us that they appear to have done nothing to help save the school.

We have no record of any TNS consultation with SCIS during the turbulent days of November 2018 when the Head was suspended, nor an indication that they did anything to support the Board when some appalling decisions were made.

If SCIS had been consulted, they may have advised the Board that the actions of the Care Inspectorate were illegal and should be challenged. This did not happen.

Why was the school abandoned not only by the Board of Governors but SCIS itself?

24 pupils and their families and 50 members of staff would like to know.

Bill Colley