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" I don't understand what is so complicated about all of this"


Forgive us for being a bit thick, but we are struggling to understand the following:

  1. If the Care Inspectorate thought that problems at TNS were so severe that they warranted enforcement action, why can’t they produce any evidence that this was justified?

  2. Why is the Care Inspectorate refusing to answer a very straightforward question, “Was the enforcment action that you took legal under Section 62 of the Public Services Reform Act 2010?

  3. Why is the Registrar of Independent Schools refusing to disclose what she told John Swinney on the basis of what the Care Inspectorate told her?

  4. Why are the Board of Governors refusing to provide evidence that the Head of School’s suspension was jusitifed when they already knew he had done nothing wrong and that there was no evidence of any child protection concerns?

  5. How could the Board of Governors suspend the Head for something that was not his responsibility?

  6. Why did the Board of Governors close the school in 5 days and do so much harm to staff and pupils?

  7. Why did senior managers at Perth & KInross Council brief elected members that there were serious child protection concerns at the school when they knew that there were none?

  8. Given the serious concerns about cronyism, corruption, and illegaility, why is John Swinney dithering on making a decision about an independent investigation.

All a bit of a mystery. But we are sure that there is a perfectly straightforward explanation.

Bill Colley