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2 fake inspections and a fake Child Protection case were the tools used to cut council spending and close TNS

We, as pupils, parents and staff, were the collateral damage in a financial re-structuring exercise. It is as simple as that.

Further evidence is emerging that TNS was simply too expensive for council budgets and that our elimination was an essential part of austerity measures to cut costs.

Councils are now managing ASN budgets by simply not meeting pupil needs and there is little that parents can do. It does not matter to John Swinney or LEAs that children are out of education (as most of ours are) because they are not counted in the ASN audit, are not a performance measure for Education Scotland, and there is no real legal framework to allow parents to sue authorities for educational negligence.

We are living through the first significant regression in educational provision and at the end of an era of universal provision.

The second tragedy is that to eliminate the school the regulators had to fabricate child protection concerns and thus tarnish the careers of the most dedicated staff team in Scotland.

Politics and money. Twas ever thus.

What happened to TNS was not just expedient, it was evil.

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Bill Colley