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The Witherslack conundrum

Why did Witherslack pull-out of the deal?

The current theories;

  1. There were safeguarding issues at the school - discounted because they had raised no concerns until 19th November, despite knowing the school well. No issues had been raised with staff and they stated on may occasions that they were happy with the quality of care. All indications were that they loved the school. WG staff expressed dismay when the Head of School was suspended and could not understand why.

  2. Contact between WG and the Care Inspectorate in October indicated that CI were not going to support registration of a new service.

  3. Contact between WG and PKC indicated that PKC were going to undermine registration. WG had previously indicated that they were strong enough to fight PKC and recognised that the Feb 2018 complaint was just “arse-covering” by the authority.

  4. WG realised that they were up against PKC, CI, ES and Scottish Government. Karen Reid had moved from CI to PKC; John Fyfe had moved from PKC to ES; Bernadette Malone had moved from PKC to CI; Jacquie Pepper was a former CI inspector. It was all wrapped-up.

  5. WG realised that their financial model would not work in Scotland. CI has indicated that the residential accommodation would not be approved because, without any evidence that it was harmful to children, their policy was for kids to be housed in small units rather than larger groups.

The Howard Tennant report which caused the closure of the school was fabricated and had no substance. It was poorly written, dishonest and defamatory.

The missing piece of the jig-saw is in working out which of 2-5 above was correct.

Bill Colley