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A waiting game

The former Head of School says that he is still awaiting a response from the Registrar of Independent School to a query he submitted nearly 4 weeks ago.

In his letter to RoIS he asks that the “failings” referenced in a letter to the Chairman of Governors in November be identified. These refer to the discredited PKC complaint submitted in January 2018 and the issues arising from a staff concern in September 2018.

In neither case have any ‘failings’ been established, other than in the actions of PKC and the impact of these on young people.

Bill Colley stated that he was, “puzzled by the slow reponse given that if there had been failings, these would have been evident at the time the letter was written to Sir Andrew Cubie, and it should be easy to answer the questions I raised. If there were no failings, this would demonstrate that the RoIS and Care Inspectorate were incompetent and that staff and parents could sue both organisations for damages resulting from professional negligence.”

The letter sent to RoIS can be found here.

Bill Colley