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"In terms of standards in public life, Scotland appears closer to Zimbabwe than New Zealand"

After careful analysis of the documentation released by PKC, together with evidence provided by school managers, it is becoming increasingly clear that the school was closed as a result of a carefully orchestrated campaign by PKC, the Care Inspectorate, and Education Scotland.

There is no evidence of failings at the school or of any child coming to harm, or being placed at risk.

As the Head of School stated recently, “We have to conclude that pupils, parents and staff were just the collateral damage in an exercise to eliminate the school. Whether this was driven by financial pressures or the desire to provide a smokescreen around PKC failures in the February 2017 tragedy, we may never know, but it is clear that we have been the victims of either gross professional incompetence by the regulators, or corruption at national level.”

Further weight has been added to the call for an independent investigation by the failure of the Registrar of Independent Schools to identify any failings at the school which might have justified a consideration that the school was becoming, “objectionable”. Bill Colley is currently drafting a critique of that letter and we will publish this as soon as it has been finalised. He reiterated that;

  • There had been no child protection failings at the school

  • There were serious concerns about the failure of PKC to follow national child protection guidelines

  • The Care Inspectorate were ‘incompetent’ in issuing an Improvement Notice

  • The May inspections were ‘fake’ and designed to pressure the school into closure

  • The January 2018 PKC complaint demonstrates incompetence on the part of PKC officers

  • Children and young people felt happy and safe in school

As one staff member stated in his interview for the forthcoming documentary, “more cruelty towards children was shown during the final week when the school was being run by PKC and the inspectorates than during the previous 26 years of our existence. It makes me ashamed to be Scottish”.

Staff and parents continue to press for an investigation. We know that the school has nothing to hide. There are others who do.


Bill Colley