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Message from Head of School

“I speak on behalf of all members of staff when I express my gratitude to the TNS Support Group for all the tireless work that has been undertaken over the last few months. The investigations team has been thorough and so much important information is now demonstrating in how badly others behaved. The film producers have captured powerful material that will attract a global audience and could change the educational system to the benefit of all.

We all appear to be asking for one simple thing - that the truth is allowed to emerge amidst the ‘fake news’ that has been circulating in the media.

We were not the perfect school. They do not exist.

But there were no child protection concerns in the school and we were close to becoming financially viable after the February 2017 tragedy. Neither argument for closure can be regarded as credible.

What has become clear to me is that our own standards of professionalism and integrity far exceeded those who made decisions to close us down on the basis of false allegations and innuendo.

There MUST be an investigation into what happened. Too much harm has been done to too many people over something that did not happen.

It is a shameful tragedy and a very sad indictment of what Scotland has become.

I can promise you that I and all staff members will be honest and open in engaging with this and will expect others to do the same.

Please keep up this important work.


Bill Colley