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Registrar of Independent Schools unable to identify 'failings'

In her response to a request by the Head of School for any ‘failings’ at the school to be identified, the RoIS has failed to answer this important issue and relied instead on the now discredited PKC complaint and subsequent inspection reports.

Bill Colley (who took over the school in April 2018) demanded that the RoIS explain why she had referenced 2 sets of failings in her letter to Sir Andrew Cubie in November 2018 when there had been none.

An allegation by PKC that the school had ‘investigated’ a child protection matter arising in November 2017 has been shown to be completely untrue, as was the more recent allegation that there had been a failure to report a CP issue to the Board of Governors and Care Inspectorate.

It is now clear that these false allegations and the professional incompetence of the regulators led to the closure of the school and adds weight to the demands of parents and staff for a full independent investigation. Any inquiry must have the authority to compel the regulators, Scottish Ministers, PKC, the Board of Governors, and the Witherslack Group, to comply with demands for full disclosure, given the seriousness of concerns, and the firmly-held belief that the closure was orchestrated at national level.

Letter to RoIS 29.01.2019

RoIS response 21.02.2019

BC letter to RoIS 24.02.2019

Bill Colley