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How to destroy a good school

What we know so far;

1. January 2018 -Perth & Kinross raise fake concerns with the Registrar of Independent Schools rather than the Board of Governors

2. February 2018 - Scottish Ministers order a double unannounced inspection

3. May 2018 - Inspector makes fake allegation that there are 2 pupils at school at suicide risk

4. May 2018 - Inspectors refuse to discuss fake complaint

5. July 2018 - Care Inspection gradings inexplicably low

6. July 2018 - Inspectors refuse to discuss reasons

7. June 2018 - Head of School informs inspectors that school will be taken over by Witherslack Group to safeguard future

8. August 2018 – pupil numbers rising rapidly

9. September – disgruntled member of staff raises concern about working practice of others with HT but also anonymously with Care Inspectorate

10. October 2018 – Care Inspectorate convert concern into a child protection issue

11. November 2018 – Police investigation shows no wrongdoing, that there was no child protection concern and that school managers acted appropriately

12. November 2018 – Care Inspectorate refuse to accept findings. Issue improvement notice. Witherslack write to Board to pull-out of deal.

13. November 2018 - Witherslack informed that their new service will not be registered by Care Inspectorate. Care Inspectorate make false allegations about Head of School

14. Second investigation demonstrates that no wrongdoing has taken place, that there was no child protection concern and that school managers acted appropriately

15. November 2018 - Care Inspectorate insist that Head of School is suspended to prevent him challenging their actions

16. November 2018 - Witherslack conduct fake review of safeguarding whilst 2 members of staff and HT are absent

17. November 2018 - Witherslack present Tennant report to Board in absence of HT. Board shares report with P&K. Board agree to close school at end of term.

18. Care Inspectorate conduct sudden inspection during meeting to prevent Head of Care challenging decisions

19. Board ask Perth & Kinross Council to support the school – P&K refuse

20. Care Inspectorate force board to close school in 1 week

21. Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland and Perth & Kinross Council oversee school during final week. Staff describe decision-making as “deliberately cruel”.

22. Care Inspectorate insist school is immediately de-registered as a service to prevent takeover by another group

23. December 2018 - Care Inspectorate, Perth & Kinross Council and Scottish Government brief press that there were serious child protection concerns at the school

24. School staff release account of final week showing that there was cruelty to pupils and a denial of the basic rights

25. January 2019 – PKC state that a new provision will be made available. No parents agree to this

26. First Minister claims most pupils have been offered places (only 2/24 were in school at the time; 2 moved to college)

27. January 2019 – Staff and parents demand independent investigation

28. January 2019 – film production company announce plans

29. February 2019 – Care Inspectorate claim that they did not forced closure of the school

30. February 2019 – Perth & Kinross Council state that they wanted the school to remain open

This is why there MUST be an independent investigation.

Bill Colley