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War of words

The latest Courier article shows just how damaging the Witherslack report written by Howard Tennant was to the school. Also highlighted is the Perth & Kinross Council complaint wirttten in January 2018 which has yet to be examined by any reputable authority but which led to the unannounced inspections in May of that year.

Staff and parents have repeated their calls for a full independent review of the decision to close the school and demanded that both reports are included in that investigation.

Further weight was added to these calls by the failure of the Registrar of Independent Schools to identify any failings during this period and appears to support the assertion made by former Head of School, Bill Colley, that TNS is the first school in Scotland to be closed over a false allegation by a disgruntled member of staff and events that have been shown not to have happened.

Perth & Kinross Council are now claiming that they did not want the school to close and the Care Inspectorate have stated that they “begged the Board of Governors to keep it open”. The Board stated that they had asked P&K for support but that this had been declined. P&K have responded by saying that this is untrue.

Not only does the position of P&K and the Care Inspectorate contrast with their statements at the time that the school was unsafe, but it also means that they are now accepting that the Witherslack report was not credible as has been maintained by the school. If Howard Tennant was correct in the assertions he made in that report, it would demonstrate a catastrophic failure in the inspections of both CI and Education Scotland to identify serious safeguarding issues.

Someone is lying.

“Get the facts on the table”.

Bill Colley