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'They Closed My School' (working title)

The production team behind the forthcoming documentary have now interviewed 25 pupils, former pupils, parents and staff and have begun work on a promotional film to support fundraising for this important venture.

The projected release date will be in early summer.

The film will explore the circumstances behind what the Head of School describes as a “national scandal”, and the roles played by the regulatory authorities, the Witherslack Group, Board of Governors, and Perth & Kinross Council in forcing the school to close.

It is hoped that this powerful and heartbreaking documentary will attract a global audience and shine a harsh light on the key decision makers, as well as questioning current government policy towards additional support needs.

Given the substantial library of material now available, the production team are also considering the establishment of an on-line archive to help preserve the heritage of TNS, and to provide future generations with a clear understanding of the tragedy that occurred in November 2018.

Bill Colley