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Senior PKC officers reported to professional bodies


It has emerged that senior officers from Perth & Kinross Council have been reported to their respective professional organisations for a range of serious offences including;

  1. failing to safeguard vulnerable children and young people during the period when they were at TNS (20.11.2018-23.11.2018) and making key decisions

  2. failing to protect the rights of children during this period

  3. failing to adhere to national guidelines on transitons, ASN planning, and pupil advocacy, during this period

  4. failing to consult with parents and carers

  5. failing to allow pupils a say in decisions that affected them

  6. failing to carry-out or refer pupils for mental health assessments where these had been deemed necessary

  7. emotional neglect and cruelty

Executive Director, Sheena Devlin, has also been reported to the GTCS for allegedly;

  • dishonestly briefing elected members and stating that there was, “an ongoing police investigation at the school” when no such investigation was taking place

  • briefing the press, elected members and the public that there were, “serious child protection” matters at the school when she knew the outcome of an independent investigation that had concluded that there were none

  • briefing the press that the Head of School had been suspended over a “serious child protection matter” when this was not the case, and when an independent investigation had concluded that no wrongdoing had taken place and that there were no allegations.

  • Insisting that the Head of School be reported to the regulators when she knew that he was innocent of any wrongdoing

Jacquie Pepper, Depute Director has been reported to the SSSC for serious child protection failings, including failing to respond to an urgent request from the Head of School about a child protection matter, and alleged cruelty towards one pupil cited in the staff account of the final week of term. The full account can be accessed here.

Bill Colley