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Website proves popular

Despite humble beginnings, our website has proved to be a big hit not only in the UK, but overseas.

11,200 visitors have followed the story of our campaign to secure a full independent investigation into the brutal and senseless closure of the school, and the corruption that lay behind the tragic events of November 2018.

Traffic to the site is likely to be boosted significantly when Treehouse Productions release their documentary ‘Mud Sticks’ and we are all eagerly awaiting further news on when this will occur.

Work over the next few weeks will focus on populating the FOI files to ensure that all visitors have access to information that has allowed us to paint a very depressing but comprehensive picture of how Perth & Kinross Council and the Care Inspectorate destroyed a unique school community, and with it the mental health of so many children and families, and the reputations of 51 members of staff.

At present it seems that evil had triumphed over good.

But the truth always comes out.

It is our job to ensure that this happens.

Bill Colley