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Message of support for school

The following message was received by the Head of School last week (published with permission);

"Dear Bill

I just want to say how sorry I am with all that has happened at Butterstone and to reassure you that not one of my fellow teachers believes what the authority have been saying about the school.

I remember that when you worked for the council you were always extremely respectful of staff and did your very best to help pupils. You were held in very high regard and still are.

Things went downhill very rapidly after you, XXXXX and YYYYYY left. Instead of getting help when we are supporting complex kids we are now being told, you just have to manage. You would not believe how many children are on part-time timetables or not coming to school at all. That is why we needed Butterstone.

I met one of the Butterstone parents last week who was virtually in tears because of what has happened. She praised you and you staff and feels lost without you.

Keep fighting. The truth will come out eventually and I can only hope that heads will roll and we get the inclusion service we so desperately need.


PS The website is brilliant. I cannot believe the depths that these people will sink to."

Bill Colley