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We have received many supportive messages not only from the TNS community but from those who have been following the story of the school closure since November 2018.

Here are a few of the comments;


“We are so sad to hear the the school has closed. It makes no sense when there is so much unmet need across Scotland. Please convey our support to the the staff and pupils and reassure them that what is being reported in the media is being taken with a large pinch of salt by everyone in the independent sector!”


“There is clearly something very fishy about this whole business. I am sad to say that it does not surprise me at all. Our own experience of the Care Inspectorate has been dreadful.”


“Never give up! The truth always comes out. I feel so sorry for those poor kids. They are just innocent victims of our failing political system”


“Well done on the website. Keep us all updated with the latest developments. The whole thing stinks.”


“It’s just a brilliant interview and helps me to understand how and why the school was forced to close because what has been said so far makes no sense at all. They should all hang their heads in shame. How can they live with themselves after what they have done”?


“If Swinney is behind all this, he should be shot. I don’t want to believe that Scotland is as corrupt as it seems but verything is pointing towards him. How can he do this in his own constituency?”


“It looks like you got absolutely no support from the governors. Staggering. Staff need to be protected but it seems that they just ran away”.


“To be honest, it comes as no surprise. They are definitely targeting schools and services like our own and you are probably the first of many victims. It is a national scandal”


“As your Head said, Education Scotland is a very pale imitation of what we used to have we HMI. I don’t trust them at all. They are just another arm of government. Local authorities get away with murder but we are hammered all the time. We do what we are told but we have no respect for [inspector] at all.”


“I have been a lifelong SNP supporter but will never vote for them again. I am ashamed of what has happened to our country.”


“Not one teacher in my school believes what they are being told [by PKC officers]. We know that they were behind this and I am shocked that they could be so cruel to such vulnerable kids”.


“Just tell her [Head of Care] that we feel her pain and that she has the full support of all our staff. She is a brave lady to speak the truth but someone needs to do it.”


“There are no care standards. It’s one rule for us and another for LAs”.


From a Witherslack employee: “I don’t understand how they could have done this to the school. It is all about money but I am ashamed that they would behave in this way. They are very sick people”.


“That is a heartbreaking film. How anyone in PKC or Scottish Government can sit through that and not question themselves is beyond me”.

Bill Colley