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Is this the Scotland we want?


1. The Deputy First Minister states that there have been “serious child protection concerns at the school” when there had been none

2. The Deputy First Minister stalls an investigation into his own decisions

3. The First Minister states to Parliament that, “most children [displaced by TNS closure] have been offered an alternative provision when only 3 out of 24 had

4. The Registrar of Independent Schools states that there has been, “a further breach of child protection policies”, at the school when there had been none

5. The Care Inspectorate state that child protection procedures have not been followed when they had

6. The Education and Care inspectorates are shown to be dishonest and incompetent

7. The governors state that a child protection matter had not been reported to the authorities even though they knew that there had been no child protection matter to report

8. The governors state that the school had, ”shot itself in the foot again” even though there had been no failures at any point

9. TNS is reported to the authorities for allowing a pupil to eat a fairy cake

10. The Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland and Perth & Kinross Council fail to adhere to national guidelines on the transition on pupils with additional support needs

11. Cruelty allegations against the Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland and Perth & Kinross Council are not investigated

12. Innocent members of staff are reported to the authorities for just doing their job

13. The Board of Governors are told by the Care Inspectorate, “If you don’t close the school, we will”

14. Immense harm is caused by the regulators to vulnerable children and their families by the closure of the school

15. Perth & Kinross Council try and fail to establish an appropriate provision for vulnerable children

16. A false allegation which was known to be untrue at the time, can lead to 24 vulnerable children losing their educational placements, 50 members of staff losing their jobs, and immense trauma to all concerned

This is Scotland in 2019

Bill Colley