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FOI documentation reveals that the former Head of School tried to publish the complaint submitted by PKC to the Registrar of Independent Schools in January 2018 but was persuaded not to by the authority.

In his interview, Bill Colley explains that the complaint was not sent to the Board of Governors as would normally be the case and that the allegations made have never been properly exmained.

School managers argue that this complaint was dishonst and malicious and evidence of the vendetta against the school following a suicide in February 2017 which took place 3 days after a pupil was told by the authority that he could not remain at the school. The seriousness of these allegations now demand a full independent inquiry.

Bill Colley demanded permission to publish the complaint to demonstrate transparency and the fact that the school had nothing to hide. He also contacted the Registrar of Independent Schools asking permission to publish a summary of the complaint but never received permission to do so.

We also know that the parents of the two pupils referenced in the PKC complaint are furious that their care and welfare at the school was questioned by the authority, and that dishonest statements were made. One of the most prominent allegations is that school staff allowed a pupil to eat a fairy cake. (see interview with Head of School on home page).

Staff and parents are now demanding a full investigation into the actions of PKC and that the January 2017 complaint is properly examined for the first time.

Email trail relating to the complaint

Bill Colley