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The Loo With a View


What’s the to-do with the Loo With a View?

When the man in the suit said, “It just will not do”

And the powers that be said, “We think that too”

“So, we’ll close down a school with much ballyhoo”

“But it’s been there for years!”, said the kind and the wise

“It’s safe and secure, at least in our eyes”

“What the powers that be, don’t realise”

“Is the man in the suit is just telling lies”

“It’s shameful to see”, the suited man said

(To the powers that be but not to the Head)

“A risk to children. Kill it stone dead!”

“The school must close now!” he said, shaking his head

So, the powers that be nodded “yes” to that cry

And the Governors agreed without any reply

“It’s a terrible thing, we do not know why”

“The Loo with a View, did not catch our eye”

So, the doors of the school slammed shut at a stroke

Because of a lie from a bald-headed bloke

A community died and never awoke

And twenty-four hearts, shattered and broke

Dust gathered fast in the Loo With a View

While twenty-four kids sat with nothing to do

Resentment and anger and bitterness grew

Of the reason for closure, they had not a clue

“It was not us!”, said the powers that be

“That shut down the school, you just do not see”

“It was money that caused this”, they said merrily

“Not malice, or scheming, or dishonesty”

But the lies that they spouted were hollow and trite

“The school was our haven, our future, our right”

“You took away hope and left us with shite”

“Turned our dreams into dust, our day into night”

The man in the suit was a liar and fool

And the powers that be tend to follow that rule

Absurd that they could, with much ridicule

Cause the Loo With a View to close down a school


Notes (for Advanced Higher English students/under-graduates)

  1. The Loo With a View is located on the first floor of the main school building and has been a much-loved feature of the place for 130 years. The occupant can look over fields and hillsides but is invisible from any point in the school grounds. It has been used by parents, staff, visitors, school inspectors and pupils without any complaint. Resident pupils have access to their own en-suite facilities but still use it from time-to-time.

  2. Howard Tennant of the Witherslack Group stated in his much-ridiculed report, that the toilet was a “child protection risk” because it afforded no dignity to children using it. He was the first person in 130 years to consider it as, “unsafe”. No care inspector ever suggested that this was the case.

  3. The Tennant Report was written to allow the Witherslack Group to withdraw from a takeover agreement and avoid paying financial penalties (over £100,000). These costs will now be paid by innocent, hard-working staff who will lose thousands of pounds due to them.

  4. “The powers that be” - Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland, Perth & Kinross Council, Registrar of Independent Schools, Education Minister

  5. The Tennant Report was not shown to the Head of School before the decision to close the school was announced

  6. The Board of Governors did not respond to the report because they said that they did not have the “expertise” to challenge the lies and misinformation it contained. In so doing, they shot themsleves in the foot. It is the duty of governors to ensure the safety of children and young people and to know and understand the quality of care being delivered.

  7. The Tennant report deceived the Board of Governors. Double-crossed by Witherslack, Perth & Kinross Council, The Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland, the only people who did not attempt successfully to deceive the Board were the school staff who were clearly not trusted by the govenors but were the only ones who told the truth.

  8. After the school closed, and due to pressure from parents and staff, the ‘powers that be’ changed their position from one of “serious child protection concerns” to “there were financial problems which caused closure”

  9. Education Scotland advised John Swinney not to save the school

  10. Documentary evidence demonstrates that the Care Inspectorate lied to ensure that the school was closed down, thus robbing 24 children of their education, their community, and the fragile relationships that had taken months and years to be established. Whilst a new (and different) school has been established in place of TNS, some pupils displaced by closure will never go to school again.

Bill Colley