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The court will decide


According to a source close to TNS managers, the current aim of the legal machinations currently taking place is to bring to court;

  1. Perth and Kinross officers for the ‘complaint’ submitted to the Registrar of Independent Schools in January 2018

  2. Howard Tennant of the Witherslack Group for the report he wrote in December 2018

  3. The Care Inspectorate for their ‘inspection’ findings from May 2018

  4. Education Scotland for their inspection findings from May 2018

  5. The Registrar of Independent Schools for her assertion that the school had ‘failed twice’

  6. The Board of Governors for their decision to close the school within 5 days

It seems quite simple.

“Just get the truth on the table”.

This is not about 24 pupils and 50 members of staff. This is about the whole regulatory regime in Scotland.

Do not under-estimate the impact of any legal judgement.

It could change everything.

For the better.

Bill Colley