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The inspection team responsible for issuing the Improvement Notice to TNS in November 2018 was;

  1. Charlotte Wilson (Service Manager)

  2. Alison Jamieson

  3. Sandra Wright

The above have been accused of acting illegally and failing to follow the Care Inspectorate’s own enforcment procedures.

The Care Inspectorate were made fully aware of the concerns but stated that if TNS staff had any issues, they should have complained at the time. This option was not open to them as the school was run by the Board of Governors and the Witherslack Group.

They have also been accused of causing immense distress to vulnerable young people, making false accusations against school managers, and failing to uphold children’s rights during the period when they acted as ‘advisers’ to the school. As far as we are aware, these serious accusations have not been investigated by the Care Inspectorate, in contravention of child protection and safeguarding regulations.

Those in higher authority responsible for the conduct of the Care Inspectorate are (taken from the Care Inspectorate website);


Kevin Mitchell, Executive Director of Scrutiny and Assurance

Kevin was appointed Executive Director of Scrutiny and Assurance in February 2016.

He is responsible for all the regulated care service inspections and overseeing the work associated with that. He is also responsible for the development and delivery of the Care Inspectorate's strategic inspections, including those for children's services and adults/older people.

Kevin joined the Care Inspectorate in 2011 from the then Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education having been involved in the programme of joint inspections of child protection from 2005. He was appointed Head of Analysis and Business Planning at the Care Inspectorate in March 2013 and Acting Depute Director of Inspection (Children's Services & Criminal Justice ) in January 2015.

Kevin was previously a senior police officer in Lothian and Borders police and graduated MSc in Advanced Practice Child Protection from Edinburgh Napier University in June 2014.

Ewan Stewart, Head of Risk, Intelligence and Professional Standards


Ewan joined the Care Inspectorate in April 2013 as the Head of Registration, Complaints and Legal Services and in May 2016 became the Head of Risk, Intelligence and Professional Standards.

Prior to joining the Care Inspectorate Ewan served with the military and completed 30 years service with the police in a variety of operational roles. Ewan has a degree in engineering and a Masters in Business

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