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A Tale of Two Schools


I am sure that I am not the only person who has noticed the sharp contrast between TNS and the High Schol of Dundee in terms of the support provided to the Heads of each school by their Board of Governors.

Whatever the circumstances at Dundee High, the Board has voiced their full support for John Halliday and done so publically. All we have had from our own Board is silence despite the fact that nothing happened to force them to close the school.

Mr Halliday was accusd of bullying and dishonesty by a judge in a tribunal case but the governors of that school showed courage and leadership by supporting their man. TNS has had nothing.

Are they embarrassed? Is that the reason? Has this all been a massive cock-up?

Other matters

Our web team has been puzzled by the number of visits from England, and in particular:

  1. Sunderland

  2. Gloucestershire

  3. Lewisham

  4. Southampton

  5. Liverpool

  6. Leeds

If anyone could shed light on this, please let us know.

Bill Colley