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From the Head of School

“I request that the web team considers very carefully the publication of material that identifies individuals connected with the closure of the school.

Whilst there is a very strong case for legitimate reporting given the widespread concerns that exist about the circumstances which led to the tragic events of last November, we must be careful not to rush to judgement and thus sink to the same level as those who did the school so much harm.

Having been the victim of false accusations and having been denied the right to respond and correct the ‘errors’ that were made at the time, I do not want others to have to go through the same experience that Angie and I faced and the pain of being maligned without having the opportunity to set the record straight.

If wrongdoing has occurred, let others draw that conclusion after a formal investigation.

The ‘facts’ as they have been presented appear to align with my own recollection of what was said and done at the time, but I am concerned that your reporting may appear vindictive and thus distract attention from the real issues that we all want to be examined.

I remain grateful for the huge support that we have received from staff, parents, and members of the general public at this very difficult time.”

Bill Colley

Response from the web team

Dear Bill

Thank you for your message.

As you may already know, we sometimes agonise over the material we publish but have an absolute commitment to ensuring that what we do put on public display is accurate.

We have stated right from the outset that the full facts of the school closure must be established and if others are determined to keep these hidden then it is our job, for the sake of the many victims of the whole scandal, to report what we know.

None of us want to be in this position but if we had not worked so hard over the last few months, the new provision at Butterstone would not exist, and the pressure for a public inquiry would have fizzled out long ago.

We will do everything we can to ensure that no-one else suffers the fate that you, Angie, and the whole staff team experienced in being slandered with false accusations and will only publish names where we think these are necessary for the campaign to be successful.

Best wishes

Bill Colley