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How justice works in Scotland

  • The regulators force a school to close because of something that did not happen and was known not to have happened.

  • The Head of School is suspended for ‘failing to report a child protection matter’ that was not a child protection matter and when it was not his job to do so

  • The Registrar of Independent Schools accuses the school of “two failings” but can’t say what they were (because they do not exist)

  • The Care Inspectorate forces the Board of Governors to suspend the Head and 2 members of staff when they have no powers to do so

  • The Care Inspectorate lies to the Registrar of Independent Schools and to the Scottish Ministers

  • John Swinney states that there were “serious child protection concerns” at the school when no child was harmed, all felt safe and well-supported, and when he is unwilling/unabale to identify a single concern

  • Officers from Perth & Kinross Council lie to the Registrar and are believed, while school staff tell the truth and are dismissed

  • The Board of Governors distributes information about the Head of School to councils and regulators without informing the Head or giving him an opportunity to demonstrate that it is untrue

  • The Executive Director of Education for Perth & Kinross, Sheena Devlin, informs the press that the Head is guilty of something she knows he has not done

  • The Care Inspectorate report the Head of School and Head of Care to their professional bodies for something that is already known not to have happened

  • Having reported the Head of Care to the SSSC, the Care Inspectorate refuse to provide the information necessary for her to clear her name

  • Phil Jones and Howard Tennant of the Witherslack Group fabricate concerns about the school to enable them to withdraw from a takeover agreement and avoid financial penalities

  • Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate fabricate concerns about the Head of School to get him suspended so that he cannot guide an incompetent Board of Governors in their decision making

  • Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate fabricate inspection reports to destroy the reputation of the school

  • The Care Inspectorate force the Board to close the school and then lie to parents by stating that they begged them not to do so

  • A young person is persuaded by an external professional to lie to a child protection investigation but is not reported for doing so

  • The Board of Governors fail to support staff during the closure of the school and try to blame managers for their own critical mistakes

  • John Swinney states that the regulators have acted appropriately when their actions were demonstrably illegal and possibly criminal

  • John Swinney states to Parliament that support will be provided to pupils displaced by the closure of the school but then fails to ensure that this happens

It is now clear that there have been fundamental breaches of human right in the whole process and a clear denial of natural justice.

The school was brought down by catastrophic failings in governance, in the operation of the regulatory system, and in the delivery of justice.


November 23rd 2018 - the day that Scottish education died


Bill Colley