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We have touched a nerve.



The staff and parents of TNS Butterstone' are not interested in achieving a 'settlement' with any of the authorities and regulators who destroyed them and their transformational school. The vindictiveness, hubris and complete faith that a corrupt establishment would 'have their back' within the care inspectorate MUST be revealed for what it is... A signal that our system is now openly failing.  

One of the most depressing aspects of this story is when i tell other professionals about what happened at our school. Eventually they are open mouthed, but their initial response is always the same - 'yes we know...', 'yes, they've always been liars'. Most depressing of all is 'what did you expect..?'. As I say the sheer awfulness of what happened at Butterstone does eventually sink in... 


But where is Peter MacLeod in all of this? The chief executive of the Care Inspectorate claims to be 'passionate' about care. He cites a 'particular interest in children and young people'. He now knows that his own organisation are derided and mistrusted by professionals the length and breadth of the country - that people are fearful of a system that they privately acknowledge has no integrity or moral compass. He also knows why - or should know. That his own organisation thinks nothing of lying, of breaking their own rules, of conspiring with others, of breaking the law of the land, of crushing innocent bystanders in order to meet its goals. Those goals being, in Butterstone's case, to destroy a good school and end the careers of the staff who worked there... 

What an embarrassment to reach the summit of your career, Peter MacLeod, and then do nothing at all... Where are you? Why are you not begging John Swinney to enable a full enquiry so that you can fix the broken thing you sit at the head of? Why are you not chasing down the careerists and collaborators within your aloof, shameless and arrogant organisation? 

Or perhaps you prefer to do it quietly...? In the dark..? Behind the scenes...? Without accountability...? Same old, same old... 

No, the staff and parents of TNS Butterstone do not want 'a deal' - and would never accept one.”.



This is not such a bad idea. I fully understand the anger at what happened, but as a parent who could not speak more highly of the care my child was given, I want the names of the staff to be cleared and a line to be drawn under the whole sad affair.

Sadly I think that the powers that be will just close down and bury their heads. This has been our experience. Scotland is a very corrupt place and what happened to TNS is the new norm.


Bill Colley