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Care Inspectorate knew there were no Child Protection concerns

We have been leaked the contents of an email written by Sandra Wright of the Care Inspectorate to Angie Gordon on 2nd November which demonstrates that they knew that there were no child protection concerns at the school.

In the message she acknowledges that at worst, the issue raised by a staff member could only relate to professional practice (as both Angie and Bill knew from the outset).

The critical question now is, why did the Care Inspectorate take enforcement action AFTER that email was written? Why did they issue an improvement notice? Why did they insist that the Head of School be suspended?

What did they tell the Registrar of Independent Schools that caused John Swinney to impose conditions on the school?

Having reviewed the legislation, our investigations team has concluded that the Inspectorate acted unlawfully.

This is now very serious given the harm that they did to so many vulnerable children and their families, and the cost to 50 members of staff.

If John Swinney does not order an independent investigation, questions will be asked about his own involvement in the whole debacle.

As things stand, a national regulator appears to have no credibility and things could yet get worse if what we are hearing is true.

The Care Inspectorate Personnel involved in taking enforcement action against the school were:

Charlotte Wilson

Alison Jamieson

Sandra Wright

Let them stand accountable for their actions and the harm done.

Bill Colley