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Dramatic rise in web traffic

There has been a significant increase in visitors to this website from south of the boarder as the campaign for a full independent investigation targets English politicians.

The rise has coincided with the release of evidence showing that the Care Inspectorate acted illegally when it took enforcement action against the school following a police investigation that has cleared managers and staff of any wrongdoing.

Concerns have also been raised on this site about cronyism in public office and the apparent collusion between what are supposed to be independent regulators and local authorities.

If the picture that has emerged here over the last few weeks is correct, Scotland no longer has regulatory regimes for either education or care, and where the relationship between authorities and government agencies has become too cosy, vulnerable people are no longer safe because proper scrutiny is not taking place.

The contrast with England could not be sharper. OFSTED is truly independent of government and unlike Education Scotland, is not afraid to raise its concerns at failing policies or poor practice.

Scotland has become an exemplar of how not to run regulatory systems and places us closer to developing countries than to progressive nations that seek to improve outcomes for all vulnerable people.

How ironic it would be if a country seeking independence has to rely instead on its much despised neighbour south of the border to understand what good governance looks like.

Perhaps English politicians will come to our assistance where their Scottish counterparts have failed us.

Bill Colley