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Dear Mr Swinney

Dear Mr Swinney

I want you know at the outset that I have no strong opinion about your politics or indeed the call for Scottish independence.

I only want Scotland to be a safe place for our children.

In the wake of what happened to The New School, Butterstone, I have to ask that you call for an immediate investigation into how and why this occurred, and to ensure that all the facts are presented so that careful judgements can be made.

However, I am also aware that you yourself were involved in the closure and that you placed conditions on the school despite the clearly establised evidence that there were no wrongdoings.

For that reason, you are compromised. If that was a mistake (and we all make them), then your obvious conflict of interest should not deter you from calling for transparency and fairness, and in ensuring that justice is served.

And is seen to be served.

So, you cannot make that call.

At least not to deny an investigation.

You can have the guts and the integrity to do something that may be painful to you, but that is what leadership is about.

My child needs to know why he was robbed of his education and his future, and a safe place where he felt included and happy.

You owe it to him to provide that answer.

Bill Colley