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Trailing in the wake of the Prince of Darkness


With the Care Inspectorate now under huge pressure to justify their actions in causing so much distress to so many vulnerable young people and their families, we have been trying to guess how they will try to wriggle out of this self-inflicted fiasco. With an independent investigation looming on the horizon and clear indications that they may have acted not only unlawfully but criminally, like any good public sector organisation, they will stand proud, re-state their commitment to the standards of professionalism and integrity, and try to blame someone else.

All our bets have fallen on one option.

Given that there can have been no justification for the enforcement action that was taken (after the police investigation blah, blah, blah), they will now argue that they had huge concerns about the outcomes for TNS children because of what they were told by PKC.

So what were they told by PKC?

It all goes back to that January letter of concern to the Registrar of Independent Schools.

That is what the Care Inspectorate will now use in a similarly spurious attempt to deflect responsibility for their own failings.

And suppose that the Registrar also tries to claim that her actions in informing the Scottish Ministers that dire deeds were being performed at the school was also down to that letter and the outrageous claims that it made, this could mean that John Swinney himself has the perfect excuse to get off his own hook.

In the machiavellian world of Scottish politics, what we see occurring is attention shifting to the catalyst for all that has happened to the school. The January complaint. Signed by Rodger Hill, but written by those officers responsible for the relatively innocent but catastrophic decision to deny funding to one young man in 2017.

The same officers who were failing time and time again to stem the flow of pupils to the school.

The same officers who were under pressure to cut ASN expenditure.

It led to the 2 fake inspections in May, and then to the November debacle.

How convenient it would be for those above them to claim that they were misled by these same individuals, and that the mistakes that they themselves made were due to petty bureaucrats below. That may well be their attempted escape route.

The trouble, for those high ranking PKC officers, is that the letter came from the Senior Management Team of PKC and not from any feeble and incompetent minion.

No wonder PKC refused to allow the Head of TNS to reveal its contents to parents anxious to know. No wonder the authority did not even bother to inform the parents of the two pupils named in the complaint that they considered their kids to be ‘unsafe’. Neither parent believes their child was at any risk and both know that the authority lied behind their backs. The whole complaint was dreamt up by someone sitting behind a computer in 2 High Street who had not a clue about where this would all lead.

So, our guess is that the January letter will now become the focal point of any future investigation and, for the first time, will be examined in detail. Hopefully in court. Not because PKC will want this. Far from it. But because it will be forced upon them by care inspectors desperate to save their own careers.

The whole sordid scheme is now unravelling before our very eyes.

Watch your back. In this game, your friends soon become foes.

Further information: PKC officers were dishonest and incompetent


If the January complaint to the Registrar was designed to deceive, and to cause her to take actions that she would not otherwise have taken, this would constitute criminal fraud

Bill Colley