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How low could he sink?


There was no business plan for the school.

The school had no marketing plan.

At a time of insatiable need for such a provision, he allowed numbers dropped to their lowest level ever.

The Head had no contract or job specification.

The Board ignored warnings from Chris Holmes and his successor Bill Colley that PKC were out to close the school down following their catastrophic decision to deny funding in February 2017, but ignored them.

He provided little or no support for staff traumatised by the February 2017 tragedy.

He provided no additional support for the school when it had to deal with the aftermath of that tragedy.

The school managers were not informed of management arrangements when Witherslack were in charge of the school.

There was no reporting plan for the senior managers during the transition.

There was no external management of the school as required by government guidelines.

Sir Andrew Cubie told the Registrar of Independent Schools that there had been a failure to report a child protection matter when he already knew that this was not the case.

He informed parents that there had been a serious child protection matter but not that this had been disproved.

He stated that the school had, “shot itself in the foot again” when this was untrue.

He stated that, “these things cannot be swept under the carpet” when there had been no attempt to conceal anything.

He failed to challenge the illegal actions of the Care Inspectorate.

He attempted to attribute the closure of the school to senior managers when it was his own failings that had caused its downfall.

He was conned by the Care Inspectorate, Education Scotland, and PKC.

He failed to allow senior managers to see the fake safeguarding report by Witherslack.

He denied his own staff natural justice in giving them a chance to know (let alone respond to) accusations that had been made against them.

He suspended the Head for something he already knew had not happened.

He failed to inform the media that the Head had been cleared of all wrongdoing.

He failed to support the staff with any form of public statement about their professionalism.

He allowed the lives of 24 children, their families and 51 members of staff to be destroyed.

He closed the school in 5 days and caused immense damage to vulnerable children.

He closed the school and robbed staff of their financial entitlements.

He allowed the professional reputations of decent hard-working memebsr of staff to be destroyed.

Despite the obvious corruption that destroyed the school community, he and fellow board members have made no request for an independent inquiry.

He has a knighthood for services to education. He informed staff that he lectures others on ‘governance’.

Never has a national honour been more meaningless.

Bill Colley