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Head of School predicted Witherslack betrayal

This has just come to us.

On 7th November, when he heard that Witherslack had been commissioned by the Board of Governors to conduct a ‘safeguarding review’ the Head of School wrote to Sir Andrew Cubie warning him that this could lead to problems as the review would not be ‘independent’ and that Witherslack would use this as an excuse to withdraw from the proposed takeover and save the financial costs of doing so. Witherslack had already conceded that they were “sacred” because of the action being taken by the Care Inspectorate.

This was the message sent at 21.22 on 7th November:

What worries me now, is that WG will try to reinforce their position by discrediting the school through their enquiry. I.e that they have a conflict of interest. 


Bill Colley

Bill had just been suspended for a failing that could not be attributed to him, when it had already been shown not to have happened, and when enforcement action had already been indicated by the Care Inspectorate. The enforcement action was illegal.

It also followed a letter from the Registrar of Independent Schools to Sir Andrew which identified “another failing at the school”. The Registrar has failed to identify any failings despite being asked to do so.

Perversely, Sir Andrew Cubie has never seen the original staff note which raised concerns about working practice but NOT child protection, and yet he took that action. The only explanation is that he took that decision based not on an intelligent evaluation of the true situation, but because he was conned by the Care Inspectorate and Regsitrar of Independent Schools into believing that a failure had occurred..

A critical piece in the jigsaw now lies with Scotland’s Information Commissioner. The Registrar has refused to allow Bill Colley to see what was written by her to John Swinney on 5th November which caused him to impose conditions on the school, on the grounds that this might undermine the relationship between her office and the Care Inspectorate.

It is our belief that the Care Inspectorate lied following the police investigation that had concluded that there had been no wrongdoing and that there were no child protection matters to consider, and that this information would lead to substantail compensation claims and possible criminal action against the Care Inspectorate.

A common thread in the whole scandal has been the failure of anyone connected with the case to produce concrete evidence that anything happened to justify the closure of the school.

This is why the tragedy is now being blamed on the Board of Governors and the spurious claim that closure occurred for financial reasons.

“We came under intolerable pressure from the regulators” (Sir Andrew Cubie)

“If we hadn’t closed the school, the Care Inspectorate would have” (Sir Andrew Cubie)

Bill Colley