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Too absurd to be true

It would be funny if the following had not caused the destruction of a whole school community:

  1. PKC faked concerns about TNS to cover for their own failings

  2. The Head of School had no contract or job description

  3. The school had no business plan or marketing strategy prior to April 2018

  4. The Board of Governors refuses to produce any evidence to justify the critical suspension of the Head of School

  5. The Board of Governors is proven to have failed to consult staff prior to the closure of the school

  6. The Registrar of Independent Schools and Education Minister reference failings in the school but cannot say what they were

  7. The Care Inspectorate report school managers for failings they already knew had not occurred

  8. Sheena Devlin of PKC tries to persuade the press that there had been “serious child protection failings” but cannot say what they were

  9. PKC tell their own elected members that “serious matters are being investigated by the police” when this was untrue

  10. Witherslack ‘show’ that the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland were incompetent in their inspections (if you want to believe Witherslack)

  11. A staff concern causes the closure of the school even when it has been shown to be untrue

  12. Nothing happens. Nothing at all. But a school is forced to close on that basis.

  13. The main national regulator for care services across Scotland acts illegally and criminally

  14. The ‘Care’ Inspectorate causes significant harm to vulnerable young people

  15. The Care Inspectorate lies to other agencies

Just a sample of what we are going through in our trawl through the FOI documentation.

If correct, children and young people in PKC and Scotland in general are unsafe because of systemic failings in the regulatory bodies.

But we remain pessimistic that Swinney will permit an investigation.

He has too much to lose.

Bill Colley