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Withering Witherslack

We have been reviewing employee experiences at Witherslack. This is what we found amongst some admittedly positive reviews.

It appears that Mr Howard Tennant, Phil Jones and their colleagues have some work to do to bring the group up to the standards of TNS.

This is a very telling phrase: “So many policies and procedures yet management and team leaders cannot follow themselves.” Just like PKC!

Do not work for this company

Staff (Current Employee) –  Hinckley – 21 August 2019

Working for this company means you have no family life. Lack of support from managers higher up and clicks staff teams
Even though training is given you are expected to work straight away in the front line no supervisions completed regularly and if any thing goes wrong people point the finger .
Looking to leave


Fromer at this school

Head cook (Former Employee) –  Chorley, Lancashire – 6 September 2019

Is company has put me of work in school for now.
Manged of this don't know what there are doing. All the work you do you don't get thank for it
Very bad company to work for.
Member of staff just turn away if you got a problem.
I am happy now y I am out of this school.


Stay away, money orientated company

Care Practitioner (Former Employee) –  Wigan, Greater Manchester – 5 September 2019

Worked for this company for less than 2 years, although the job was rewarding, the company pile more hours on to staff and refuse to pay overtime, and say this is owed hours, there is no work and life balance there is no support from management or team leaders, and illness and personal life is not confidential if discussed with your home manger as they will share this with their t leaders, and be aware if you leave they will pay you what you have worked then take it all back after tax and national insurance is paid l, making up deductions. So to the tax man it looks like you have been paid but you haven't


Avoid at all costs

Rsw (Current Employee) –  Northwest Lancashire – 11 March 2019

This company mis sold the job to me. I ended up working all hours. Some decent staff some not so decent. Poor management. Put in compromising situations by being left with yps with no team teach training. Allowed to administer controlled drugs without training. Lazy team leaders.

I have worked with children for a long time with excellent outcomes. I start work for this company and my integrity and Good name was assaulted when I worked for this company.
If you keep your mouth shut and become a yes person you will go far. If you challenge you won't be there for long.


Don’t do it

Care Worker (Current Employee) –  Rugby, Warwickshire – 5 February 2019

What can I say? If you value your sanity do not work for this company, rewarding to see young people grow but it’s all about the money. Managers do not care about you just a small fish in a massive coparate money filled pond. Treat staff like mugs, if you want great money and a rubbish life outside of work this is the job for you, and only if your face fits.


Would not recommend stay away

Care Practitioner (Former Employee) –  West Yorkshire – 22 January 2019

If your face fits its fine but if it doesn't they will let you go without any notice.
Yet they expect you to do a full days training and a full nightshift on the same day with no rest this is illegal.

"Safeguarding children" is supposed to be priority how can that be when management expects employees to go do a full day training and a full nightshift on the same day. How is this even thinking of the welfare of children if the staff memeber has not even slept but been awake for 20hours completing face to face training and also a shift with no sleep that is not normal.

Its ridiculous. Attending work on time never had problem with my work performance yet because i fell ill which could not be helped had no notice i was loosing my job and receive notification via post without any warning yet still let me work shifts for their benefit as was no cover after letting me go.

I attended training through witherslack to progress further.

Management is not bothered at all. They will drop u just like that. No employment contract is followed i never received any of this worked whole month with a day of here and there which is unprofessional.
Managers and team leaders dont know what they are doing they speak to their previous employers infront of employees they dont know how things work. I mean how unprofessional is that they cannot carry out there job duties as they are not sure themselves what to do. They do not know how rotas work.

Its a joke. I am gutted to have left but to work for a company who clearly does not care about an employees health and well-being yet expects them to work 20 hour days with no sleep i would rather work where things are done write.

Its wierd how i asked for a transfer and boom a letter through the post terminating my employment.
Team leaders are ok to walk into work late as and when they please yet when an employee is late to a training they loose there job.

If an emplyee is of work when they return to wprk everybody will know why they were not at work nothing is private. Gossip is what happens here. Like i mentioned if your face fits your ok if it doesn't your out.

So many policies and procedures yet management and team leaders cannot follow themselves.
Its all nice at the start gradually you realise your invisible.

No one takes account the positives.

Stay well away  


Just don't work here.

Takeaway Assistant (Former Employee) –  Wakefield, West Yorkshire – 15 October 2018

Appalling company to work for. The headteacher is rude arrogant and unprofessional. I was forced to resign after many months of attempting to reconcile. I went through the grievance policy but nothing was done and I was put in a very dangerous situation with a child who was attacking me, without radios or support. The management don't help anyone other than their selves , and they often only stay around 3-5 months before they're shipped out.

Do yourself a favour and avoid this company at all costs.


Stressful working environments.

T.a (Former Employee) –  Lancashire – 2 October 2018

Staff are left in vulnerable situations. And potentially at risk of allegations. When addressing these issues to line managers. They dont take it seriously. Regret working for the company. They dont look after their staff when in the working environment. Expect to be hit and abused by kids. Very stressful work environment. With no support from management. Too busy going to meetings and watching staff in situations rather than guiding them and building confidence of their team.please dont take the risk with this company. They will discipline you for practically nothing and will destroy your good work record.


Dont do it

Teaching Assistant (Current Employee) –  York, North Yorkshire – 25 September 2018

Not a good company to work for. Very clicky in management if your face fits your laughing. They look great on paper but dont deliver what they preach. Worst company i have ever worked for. Seen too many people broken then stitched up. Staff over worked and under appreciated. Too much paperwork and not enough time in the day to complete, very long days


No leadership, no time

Support Worker (Former Employee) –  Heighington – 26 May 2018

Copious amounts of paper work with no time to complete as you are constantly sent out with the children to make other staff lives easy.
Huge blame culture with clicks. Management expecting you to stay up when on sleeps to bring files up to date.
Furthest thing from a team lots of individuals and back biting.


Its ok for the right person

Residential Support Worker (Current Employee) –  Lancashire – 18 April 2018

The job was great to start with but now you defantly get the impression that it only cares about money and not to much about making sure the young people succeed in life.


A good company initially very personabale however changed as develoepd.

Deputy M (Former Employee) –  Carn – 7 July 2017

I worked for the group for a number of years, a lead in the industry with very developed practices & approaches. Initially a very personable company however as time progressed & there were developments this disappeared & they became more focused on profit than outcomes.

Bill Colley