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How safe was our school?

Notable for its absence in all of the false information flowing between regulators during November last year were any facts or evidence.

Wild comments were made without any supporting information and, we we know to our cost, the school closed as a result of rumour and innuendo, and the flames were fanned by the Care Inspecorate and senior officers at Perth & Kinross Council.

So we asked ourselves the question, “just how safe was the school?”

Fortunately, that information is available because school managers presented it to parents in the final meeting we held at the school on 17th December. All data refers to the period January 2018 to closure.

0 incidents of theft

0 assaults against staff

0 incidents of vandalism

0 absconding incidents

1 damage to property (caused by a visiting pupil)

0 incidents of smoking

0 incidents of drug taking

0 incidents of drugs possession

etc etc

Perhaps the most striking piece of information is this:

During that 11 month period, there were only 4 occasions when staff had to physically intervene to support a young person. One of these was a 2 person hold lasting less than 2 seconds. The rest were one person ‘guiding’ holds.

In total during this period, physical intervention lasted less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. That is the total for the whole year.

It is doubtful that any other special school in Scotland could boast a record as convincing as this in demonstrating the respect that staff had for young people when they became overwhelmed by the demands made of them.

TNS staff were probably the most skilled professionals in Scotland in using de-escalation techniques to support dysregulated behaviours.

Let the facts speak.

Bill Colley